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Frank Family Karate Plus

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Children's Program

We start our children out as early as 3 to 4 years of age.  We offer a free orientation to determine whether the child is ready to start martial arts.  Our children start out in the beginner program where they will learn all of their basic punches, kicks, stances and basic self-defense.  We work on the child's confidence and self-esteem as they learn to do the techniques.  Our families can train together so children in our program are able to train with their parents or other siblings if they would like.

Call now to bring your child(ren) in for a free orientation and see the many benefits that we have to offer.  Through our training they will excel in all aspects of their lives.  We focus on the individual student in helping them to be the best overall person that they can be.

Adult's Program 

We work to get our students in a healthy and positive state of mind, body and spirit.  This, with the knowledge to be able to defend yourself physically and mentally, are all tools that we all need to be successful in life.  Families can train together so, not only do you enjoy the benefits of working with your kids on the same goals but, martial arts training is an excellent stress relief.  Adults can train with or without children.​​