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Who We Are

About Frank Family Karate Plus in Middletown, DE

Patricia Frank

Owner and Chief Instructor at Frank Family Karate Plus in Middletown, 5th Degree

Welcome to Frank Family Karate Plus! We are Middleton’s BEST martial arts school and fitness training center, second to none! We opened our doors in 2009 and have been providing a fun, dynamic, rewarding experience to countless families from all walks of life. We are an all-inclusive center and would love to “Have Your Family Join Our Family.”

Frank Family Karate's main instruction is in Tae Kwon Do and we’re on a mission to help kids excel in life by becoming stronger, fitter and smarter at everything they do. In school… sports… extracurricular activities… and life. We do this with one epic kick and punch at a time, slow and steady for maximum progress.

Fantastic Focus! Your child will learn new self-defense skills that will make them bully-proof wherever they go. We get them to focus on their body, breath and footwork, as well as the safe and correct way to punch, kick, and throw.

Listening to the instructor and staying focused at all times will naturally carry over into all other parts of their life, too. This focus will help your child be a SUPERSTAR in school, get better grades and be a role model for others to look up to.       

Skyrocketing Confidence! Learning a fun, new skill like martial arts can be challenging and it takes time, patience, practice and determination. Our Tae Kwon Do program for both Kids and Adults helps to develop those things, which are necessary to be successful in life – at any age.

Both kids and adults quickly see improvements in their fitness level because martial arts provides a GREAT workout. You’ll use your whole body to master the techniques so, of course, your whole body will become super fit and strong.

That big boost of confidence as your child progresses not only makes them smile with delight, it also makes them feel good about themselves, have RESPECT for themselves and others and feel empowered with all the cool things they learn and accomplish.  

Your child will hold their head up high and have the courage and confidence to defend themselves if they ever get caught up in a sticky situation. If someone were to bully them, your child will know exactly what to do and how to do it. How’s that for peace of mind… for both you and them?

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New to Martial Arts? If you’re nervous about starting or afraid you won’t be able to keep up, that’s ok. Almost everyone has those same feelings when they take their first martial arts class. You know what though? Don’t worry about those things because we’re here to guide and train you every step of the way.

All the other students here are just like you – friendly and always willing to help each other out. They’ll come to be your Tae Kwon Do buddy and maybe even your friend for life.    

Our goal is to provide our students with the highest quality of martial arts instruction and EMPOWER them with valuable life skills that they can apply to their daily lives. No matter your age, your physical condition or your level of learning something new, we have experienced instructors who are ready to work with you.

Our awesome instructors will help you accomplish your goals in our state-of-the-art 3200 square foot training facility, which is kept impeccably clean and safe.

Why Frank Family Karate? Because we provide…

  • A friendly environment for families or single students to train. 
  • Quality instructors who care about their students and who always try to provide positive feedback in order to help our students become the best they can be in all areas of their lives. 
  • Extra help at no additional charge for any of our students that are struggling with any of their techniques. 
  • Outstanding customer service, honest conversations and no hidden fees.

Are you ready to experience the best prices, the most awesome instructors, and have the most fun you’ve EVER had getting fit? We’re ready to train with you and can’t wait to see you soon!

Our Instructors:

Frank Family is run by Master Patricia Frank, who is the Head Instructor and 5th degree black belt.

Mr. Jeffrey Frank is the Program Director and Instructor.

Kaitlyn Frank Maurer is an Instructor.

Christopher Frank is also an Instructor. 

The Frank Family trained together for over 16 years. We have trained extensively in Tae Kwon Do and several weapons. We found the experience of training together as a family to be amazing. Not only did we receive all the many benefits that martial arts can provide, but by training together, it kept our family close.

How to Get Started

Come join our Middletown, DE Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in After School, Adult Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Filipino Martial Arts, Summer Camp, and Birthday Parties. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (302) 285-1010 if you have any further questions. Frank Family Karate Plus hopes to speak with you soon!