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When Grason started at Frank Family Karate Plus, he was a shy little boy with very little confidence.  We have watched him grow into a more healthy and strong first grader.  He is learning positive lessons about self esteem and also having fun.  We trust Master Frank and her staff and truly appreciate everything they do for their students.   The Jess Family

Our family loves Frank Family Karate.  We have 2 boys that have ADHD, learning disabilities, and mood disorders.  We have seen a complete transformation in them since starting karate.  Both boys have gained confidence, discipline, and self control.  Robert had a lot of behavior problems at school before karate.  He has not had one incident since starting karate.  Even his teacher has commented on his changes.  Frank Family takes the time to get to know each student.  You can tell that the Frank Family love what they do and they truly care about their students.  Wyatt Family

Our grandson Anthony has been going to Frank Family Karate for a couple of years.  We have watched him mature into a wonderful young man.  He has developed focus and discipline but mostly respect, which I believe besides coming from a loving home also comes from hard work and direction from Frank Family Karate.  Thank you again.  Proud Grandparents, Ann & Jerry Brezenski & Uncle David

Martial Arts have made such an impression on my son. In addition to the respect and discipline he has learned, he has gained confidence that will aid in his overall success in life. His hard work has given him a feeling of accomplishments and he has tons of fun! Thanks Frank Family Karate!  The Argoe Family

Frank Family Karate is just that a family.  The family teaches the Karate but as you go to the classes you develop friendships with other families.  My son is 7 years old and has been learning since he was 5.  He is now a Level 2 Blue belt and we enjoy the classes and the graduations.  It is truly amazing the forms the kids learn and how they retain the information.  The ages range from 4 and up, it is fun to watch the little kids learn and keep up with the older kids. Frank Family Karate is truly the place to take your kids or even yourself to learn Karate or just enjoy a different type of workout." The Simms Family

My son started at Frank Family Karate 2 years ago and now my whole family goes.  I love that we get to spend time bonding as a family and are getting to learn karate at the same time.  The Franks  are amazing people who care about each and every one of their students.  I love the family atmosphere and can not recommend them enough!!!  Our family loves Frank Family Karate! - JR