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The Frank Family

Frank Family Karate opened in 2009.  Frank Family is run by Master Patricia Frank (Head Instructor and 4th degree black belt), Mr. Jeffrey Frank (Program Director and Assistant Instructor), Kaitlyn Maurer (Frank) (Assistant Instructor), and Christopher Frank (Assistant Instructor).  We have a 3200 square foot training facility, which is kept impeccably clean.

Frank Family Karate's main instruction is in Tae Kwon Do.  The Frank Family trained together for over 10 years.  We have trained extensively in Tae Kwon Do and several weapons.  We found the experience of training together as a family to be amazing.  Not only did we receive all the many benefits that martial arts can provide but by training together it kept our family close.

Our goal is to provide our students with the highest quality of martial arts instruction and empower them with valuable life skills that they can apply to their daily lives.  No matter your age, your physical condition or your difficulty level with learning something new, we have experienced instructors who are ready to work with you.

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea.  In Korean, tae means "to strike or break with foot"; kwon means "to strike or break with fist"; and do means "way", "method", or "art".  Thus, tae kwon do may loosely be translated as "the art of the foot and fist" or "the art of kicking and punching".  It combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, and exercise.  In 1989, Tae Kwon Do became the world's most popular martial art in terms of the number of practitioners.  Gyeorugi, a type of sparring, has been an Olympic event since 2000.

The art, in general, emphasizes kicks thrown from a mobile stance using the leg's greater reach and power (compared to the arm).  Tae Kwon Do training generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes, including various take-downs.

Martial Arts Training Benefits

Tae Kwon Do helps people of all ages gain the ability to focus on something positive.  Children learn respect and self-discipline whether from bowing or standing still while waiting for the next command.  These positive tools most often carry over into school and home to improve grades and behavior.  

There are many benefits to training in the martial arts, including physical and mental conditioning, stress relief, self-discipline, goal setting, character development, respect for self and others, building confidence and self-esteem, self-defense techniques and making news friends.

Why Frank Family Karate

We provide a friendly environment for families or single students to train.  We provide quality instructors who care about their students and who always try to provide positive feedback in order to help our students become the best they can be in all areas of their lives.  We provide extra help at no additional charge for any of our students that are struggling with any of their techniques.  We have no hidden fees.

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